Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Onyx's Upcycled Beatles School Messenger Bag

So I'm new at this whole blogging thing, but I thought with school starting I would share how I upcycled a thrift store messenger bag for my oldest daughter.
We bought a messenger bag at the local thrift shop for $2 and machine washed it. It was one of those giveaway bags with a paint company's logo on it. Besides being completely boring it was of excellent quality and made with heavy duty materials.
We chose some of her favorite shirts that no longer fit her and that over her dead body would get passed down to her other sisters.
We cut out the tastiest parts and I hand stitched them onto the bag.
On the parts of the bag that would see the most wear (the back side that rests against her) I used embroidery thread and tacked it with some stitches in the middle to make sure that it wouldn't pull too much in any particular place.
The stitches aren't the prettiest, but the overall effect is pretty rock and roll.
Voila! She now has a bag that we can add to, that will last and that only cost us a couple bucks and a little elbow grease!


AlliesAdornments said...

This is awesome! i can see why her friends are jealous, what with all those store bought bags that don't get any time or love put into them.

maidofclay said...

Very cool new schoolbag - Onyx is going to be coming home with orders!

wzgirl said...

Rock and Rollll...for sure!

K is for Calligraphy said...

Onyx will be too cool for school with her upcycled messenger bag! I think we all need to put orders in soon!!! xo, Katy

majamom said...

wow Onyx i love your creation and so does my 23 yr old daughter Sarah!
DOnt be surprised if one of your teachers tires to buy it from you!